do you like power rangers

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Sebastian is the sweetest guy on the planet! He wouldn’t even kill a fly. It was really nice to have such as good guy on the set. -Chris Evans

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Get Outta That Spaceship and Fight Like a Man, Ed Ruscha, 1982.

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devon aoki for self service #31 f/w 09-10, ph. by max farago

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Hold that, please.

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St. Vincent for The Lab Magazine
Photographed by Jody Rogac
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Reid Scott, ph. Tony Duran - Interview Magazine

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"When you are still, when you are not pushing yourself forward, working, organizing, making lists of things that you wanna do to get you where you are; There’s just no forward motion sometimes. Sometimes there’s just stillness. Making things, connecting with people, when there is none of that, and it gets quiet enough, you can hear your heart breaking. […] But I will say that when it comes to your heart breaking, there’s a lot about growing up that has to do with dealing with, God willing not a lot of it has to do with pain and tragedy and horrible misfortune, a lot of it has to deal with discomfort, disappointment, acceptance that things around you aren’t great in every way. And every once in awhile there will be a rallying moment of, "Well maybe that can’t change but I sure can," and maybe you can and do and that’s a push, that’s a forward motion. But sometimes when your only source of happiness is looking forward, being still is heartbreaking because you don’t have what you want."

—Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week Ep. 163, “Talking Gump” (via margaretolson)
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Elisabeth Moss | ph. David Needleman

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Photo by Peter Yang

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